2019 Annual General Meeting

Please note that the Annual General Meeting of Wigan St. Patricks ARLFC is to take place at the Wigan St. Patricks Clubhouse, Harper Street, Wigan, Lancashire WN1 3BN at 7:00pm on Wednesday, 4th December, 2019.

The purpose of the meeting will be to:

  • receive a report concerning the activities of the Club since the last Annual General Meeting
  • receive a report concerning the Club’s financial transactions since the last Annual General Meeting
  • receive and approve an annual Financial Statement concerning the Club’s accounts and its current and projected financial position for the forthcoming year
  • receive a presentation from the Club’s accountants upon the Club’s accounts for the previous financial year
  • elect members of the Club Committee for the forthcoming year
  • appoint Officers of the Club to each of the following positions for the forthcoming year:

– Chairperson
– Treasurer
– Club Secretary
– Club Welfare Officer
– Facilities Manager

  • appoint Trustees of the property owned by the Club, should any vacancy have arisen
  • appoint the Club’s accountants for the forthcoming year
  • discuss and vote upon any resolution put to the Meeting in relation to Club policy or to changes in the Club Rules. Further details of the resolutions to be considered in this regard are given below.
  • consider any other business

The resolutions that have been proposed for consideration at the Annual General Meeting in relation to Club policy or to changes in the Club Rules are that the Constitution and Rules of the Club be amended as follows:

  • that, the Objects and Purpose of the Club be extended to include promoting participation, providing facilities and offering coaching and competitive opportunities in the sport of disability Rugby League.
  • that the requirement in paragraph 7(c) that a person wishing to be a member of the Club must apply by way of delivery to the Club of the prescribed Membership Application Form be qualified to require that a Membership Application Form be delivered “wherever reasonably practical”.
  • that references in paragraphs 7(e) and 9(b) to the refusal, or removal, of Club membership should this be in the interests of the sport of community rugby league, be extended to include also the sport of disability rugby league.
  • that the leagues to which the Club is affiliated, as referenced in paragraph 4, be updated to refer to the Women and Girls Rugby League rather than the North West Women’s Rugby League.
  • that specific reference be made in paragraph 10(b) to the Officers of the Club rather than simply to “the above”.
  • that reference in paragraph 12(e) to the reimbursement by the Club of reasonable travelling expenses to its players and Club officials in travelling to away matches be updated to reflect changes in the wording of the Corporation Tax Act 2010 (from which this derives), as introduced by the Community Amateur Sports Club Regulations 2015.

All Club members who are aged 18 years or over are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting and to speak, ask questions and vote upon each of the above matters.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Peter Murphy
Club Secretary
Wigan St Patricks ARLFC
24th October, 2019

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