Club Partners

Here at Wigan St Patricks we are extremely grateful for the support of our Partners.  They have all been involved with the club for a number of years! Some of them even took to the hallowed turf of Clarington Park.

We look forward to working with all our partners as we continue to grow. We cannot thank them enough for the help, advice and support they give to our club!


Fleetsmart Provide you with the most flexible fleet and asset montoring solutions available.  Fleetsmart is the ultimate fleet and asset monitoring solution and is entirely flexible in respect of both the solution itself and the financial package terms.  Guaranteed to reduce fuel costs, improve service and boost productivity. Whether you require trackers for vans, cars, heavy machinery or your entire fleet Fleetsmart can help you, to find out more click here

Steve Woods Limited is an established leading supplier of excavator / bulldozer undercarriage parts.  They sell both new and refurbished parts to suit all makor excavators / bulldozers and supply to the UK and overseas.  The sales team have excellent knowledge of the undercarriage business and this expertise has enabled us to evaluate and assess the products of large numbers of undercarriage manufacturers throughout the world, to find out more click here

Hull Jady have been the cubs appointed accountants for a number of years now and also provide the Club payroll services for it’s paid members of staff, as well as invaluable help and supprt on all things number related.  HullJady know that as successful business owners you need to be on top of your numbers all the time, not just at the year end. That’s why we’ve created services which enable you to see your results in real time using cloud based solutions that you can access at any time and from anywhere.  For more information please click here