Our League Active & Club Membership Information

As you may be aware the RFL have introduced Our League Active which has been designed to improve the sustainability and development of the community game.

This initiative has not without controversy and some clubs and leagues alike, including Wigan St Patrick’s ARLFC have expressed concerns about the impact this additional financial contribution, which is payable directly to the RFL, will have on our players and their families.

The past 2 years have not been without difficulties and the financial impact has been felt by all, but due to the hard work behind the scenes the club committee has ensured that the club has maintained a solid financial footing, and having discussed and considered the situation carefully, the committee is able to ensure that this season the players or parents will not have to find the additional funds in recognition of their continued support of the club throughout this period.

With a player membership of nearly 300 players this does mean the club will lose a significant amount of income in excess of £6000 which is used solely for rugby league activities in the first month of the season, however the management committee feel strongly that this is the right thing to do for our players.

With that in mind for the 2022 Season Wigan St Patricks will reduce the usual 10 month membership payment to 9 months which will now run from the end of March to October inclusive, thereby allowing parents to use their usual February membership payment to pay the Our League Active membership fee to the RFL. This situation will be reviewed ahead of 2023.

The fee applicable to each age group is shown below:-

Cubs – Free of Charge

Primary (11 & Under) – £12.00 PA

Junior (18 & Under) – £18.00 PA

Adults – £24.00

As an additional thank you, for the 2022 season, every child that signs up with also receive a gift from the club for sticking with us throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, a difficult time for everyone especially our club which is run solely by volunteers.

At this stage there is no cost attached to Our League Active membership for club coaches, officials, and volunteers.

And we encourage you all to sign up.

Yours in sport

Cath Taylor

Chairperson – For and on behalf of Wigan St Patricks Management Committee.